“Communication” in my eyes

With regard to the issue of identifying “Communication”, I currently can give answers from a lot of perspectives with my experience with “Communication”. I ever conceptualized “Communication” as classical theories developed by prestigious scholars such as Wilbur Schramm, Everett Rogers, Maxwell McCombs, just name a few, when I was just an undergraduate majoring in Journalism with a goal to have master degree in Communication. The concept of “Communication” in my mind became more broader when I started my MA studies in Communication. I treat “Communication” as the basic principle for creatures to exchange information in our space. With the social science scholarship context, “Communication” can be defined as information exchange or interacting behaviors via some certain tools with a goal to promote dynamics with human beings and the society. Meanwhile, I want to say “Communication” is a melt-pot discipline when I have done some studies with Communication issues using theories from other areas.

As a communication majoring graduate student, the way to think about “Communication” is to insert it into a universal context with efforts in constructing its own theories. As I mentioned above, communication can have intersections with a lot of other disciplines, meanwhile, theories borrowed from other disciplines such as sociology, psychology, and anthropology have been granted with a lot of studies in communication during the development of this discipline. However, I think the communication scholars should try to build their own theories and discourses even though collaboration among disciplines are highly encouraged currently in order to generate great research.